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A selection of writings:

• “Nanoethics Wake; or, A Young Discipline’s Illustrative Priming” (in progress).

• “A Nexus of Law & Technology: Analysis and Postsecondary Implications of A.V. et al. v. iParadigms,” Journal of Student Conduct Administration, 2009. (pdf)

• “Ethics” book section in “Fundamentals of Engineering,” M. Potter (ed.), Meridian Press, 2008.

• “The Adoxic Adventures of John Henry in the 21st Century,” Socialism & Democracy, Special Issue on Race and Science Fiction, Winter 2006.

• “Does Existing Law Fail to Address Nanotechnoscience?” IEEE/Technology and Society Magazine, Winter 2004. (pdf)

• "Ethics & Biotechnology," Summer 2000 Issue of The Florida State Times.

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