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September 2021
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Upcoming Halloween Performances at MOCAD & Signal Return

I’m looking forward to giving two talks in Detroit on Halloween. The first takes place at 10a at the legendary community letter press Signal Return, and will cover ways to fund art practices through collaboration on National Science Foundation grants. The second performance will happen at MOCAD‘s Mike Kelley Mobile Homestead at 1p. There I’ll […]

Caravaggio, Martha &Mary; or, Detroit’s Bankruptcy & Art, PT. 2

Martha and Mary Magdalene (c 1598)

(A reposting of a HuffPo article that may be timely again)


One of the most striking works held in the Detroit Institute of Arts’ formidable collection is Caravaggio’s Martha and Mary Magdalene (c. 1598). A grand example of the artist’s chiaroscuro style of intensely contrasted regions of darkness and light, the […]

Talking The Right of Publicity at Northeastern

A Roping Dali

Detroit’s Bankruptcy &Art, Part 1

In the wake of Judge Rhodes’ ruling on Detroit’s eligibility for bankruptcy, it would culturally criminal and financial silly for the artworks of the Detroit Institute of Arts to be sold off to pay back the city’s creditors.

I was present for the ruling yesterday. Talking with union legal counsel, courtroom artists, marshals, press, interested Detroiters–it […]

Hitchcockian Happiness

Building blocks for those of us that have yet to fashion a happiness plan for 2013:

Mixed Monsters

Behold these Great Beasts of the Cinematic Wild:

Notes on Skyfall

Who is unfamiliar with the cinema critic’s spin on the Bond franchise as primarily a national propaganda project, subtly turning on an alternative history of Britannia? This view essentially holds that James Bond is to English culture what the Odyssey is to ancient Greek culture—a dramatic time capsule of a forget me not. When we […]

“Tempo” & Postacademic Science

In this postacademic research and development era, it is difficult for me to imagine any institutional researcher holding true to the classical notions Merton presented as fundamental traits of scientific tribes: communalism, universalism, disinterestedness and skepticism. And so, even though I enjoyed this science fiction short, it’s really only coherent for me as a kind […]

Ode to Radio Lab

So satisfying is it to come across a popular delivery of a hard science concept like randomness (a.k.a. “stochasticity“) in so evocative a package as the Radio Lab show. If you haven’t sampled this gem of a program yet, get to it!

Here’s another great episode about Tsuotomu Yamaguchi, a Japanese engineer who managed to survive […]