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October 2021
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Retroactive Divorce

Centotrypt Adversus Haereses (triptych)

“Centotrypt Adversus Haereses” is engineered to partially answer a deceptively simple question: How might a science fictional work be effectively inoculated against political appropriation? The work incorporates attributes of early Christian visual art and poetic forms, sampled text fragments, and traditional printmaking techniques to generate a conceptual speculative work that can pass as art rather […]

Centotrypt Adversus Haereses (cover)

Centotrypt Adversus Haereses cover, 2015
HP Latex 360 inkjet print on paper

Cthulhu in the Club

Stop The PRINCE Act

(Seth Poppel/Yearbook Library Prince (No. 3 on the right) played for Minneapolis’ Bryant Junior High in 1972.)

As one of the millions of his fans around the world who wept upon learning of his death on April 21, I’m still struggling to come to grips with Prince’s passing. The outpouring of condolences and appreciative gestures has […]

They Live: Frank Armitage Was Here

My They Live essay is now live on Medium. Bear three things in mind as you read it:

1. the first inspiration for it is a Gertrude Stein axiom: “The paragraph is the emotional unit of the English language”;

2. the second inspiration for it is the drabble form (the essay is composed of strict 100-word drabbles); […]


The Detroit artist Saint XYZ has been tagging the city with her philosophy-motto “It is not what it is not” for sometime now. I’ve always loved it. Now I’ve quoted her in one of the chapters of a new work I call “Seasons 1 thru 3.”


Stay tuned for a short essay on John Carpenter’s masterpiece. For now, here’s a Zizek snippet to which my piece will be responding.

Afrofuturist NYC

#FF to the participants in our talk on #Afrofuturism! Join us 12/3:

— New America NYC (@NewAmericaNYC) November 20, 2015

Upcoming Publicity Rights lecture at Southern University’s Law Center

So excited to be visiting my friends and colleagues at Southern University’s Law Center soon. On Wednesday, November 4, I’ll deliver a lecture there on the interaction of technological flux in social media and simulation technologies on the one hand, and publicity rights of athletes from marginalized communities on the other. This talk builds on […]