Wr Re Im Sy Ex

Here’s a short list of works I’ve found timely and/or inspirational:

Hawkey, Raymond and R. Bingham.  Wildcard.  Stein and Day, 1974.

Insightful exploration of the political potentials of science fictional tropes.

Winner, Langdon.  Autonomous Technology: Technics-out-of-Control as a Theme in Political Thought.  MIT Press, 1977.

Provocative study of modern machinic developments’ implications for democratic culture and human freedom.

Vollman, W. T.  The Ice-Shirt.  Penguin Books, 1990..

Devastatingly pyrotechnic prose from a Nobel Laureate in waiting.

Bobbio, Norberto. Left & Right.  The University of Chicago Press, 1996.

Indispensable, clarifying analysis of Left and Right as politico-philosophical markers.

Lessig, Lawrence.  Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace.  Basic Books, 1999.

Instant, under-analyzed classic the elegance of which is matched only by its broad erudition.

Hachigian, N. and Mona Sutphen.  The Next American Century: How the U.S. Can Thrive as Other Powers Rise. Simon and Schuster: 2008.

Useful starting point for thinking through the fluid dynamics of the 21st century.


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