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The Ripley Solution: Going Frakkin’ Nuclear in the Gulf?

Having grown up a short drive from the beautiful beaches of Florida’s Gulf Coast, I am desperate for an effective and sensible close to the Deepwater Horizon fiasco. The situation is horrendous: ecologically, psychically, politically, economically and technologically. But is it time to get Ripley on the Deep Ho?—

The Only Way to Be Sure???

Nearly three weeks ago The Telegraph revealed Obama Energy Secretary Chu’s dispatch of a nuclear science team to the gulf.

Early last week, with a measure of equanimity I find retroactively disappointing, Mother Jones chronicled the Soviet precedents for using nuclear weapons to cap pesky above-ground (not a mile underwater) gas (not oil) leaks. The Soviets have been successful four out of five times since 1966. The Lawrence Livermore scientist Milo D. Nordyke authored the definitive technical discussion of those blasts.

Yesterday NYT glommed on. So, too, the Atlantic Wire. Both, presumably, are reacting to Dan Foster’s asinine apotheosis at the National Review Online. On the Take-Away, Foster seemed to advocating the nuclear option and arguing that such a use should not be a political question, but rather a technical question.

Foster’s 1st problem: technology is politics, and nuclear weaponry –or “The Bomb Power,” as G. Wills likes to call it– quintessentially so:

Wills on Bomb Power; First Congregational Church of Berkeley, February 2010

Foster’s 2nd problem:

Foster’s 3rd problem: a pesky treaty.

Foster’s 4th problem: Ripley’s Nuke did not solve her problem. And we’ll fair worse: A detonation on the Gulf floor would likely compound our troubles.

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