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Michael G Bennett is a research professor at the University of Michigan. He was formerly an associate professor on the faculty of the Northeastern University School of Law, teaching courses on (i) the intersection of law, technology and science, (ii) intellectual property law and (iii) contracts. Before that he was the Andrew W. Mellon Fellow in Science, Technology and Society at Vassar College. He has also held teaching and research positions at Michigan Technological University, Polytechnic University and the University of Virginia, and has served as advisor to several university offices of technology transfer.

Michael’s research concerns intellectual property law regimes, science and technology policy, and the societal implications of emerging technologies, particularly nanotechnology and anti-plagiarism systems.

As an undergraduate at Florida A&M University, Michael studied physics and mathematics.  He also holds a J.D. from Harvard, and a Ph.D. in Science & Technology Studies from Rensselaer.

Michael co-founded and co-directed Conduit Technology Partners, a Chicago-based intellectual property consultancy, and continues to advise limited resource academic institutions as the principal strategist of The Tiptree Group, a public interest-oriented technocultural consultancy.

He aspires to playing a better tennis game (4.0), listening to more Roscoe Mitchell, reading more W. T. Vollman and brewing a perfect pot of Imperial Yunnan tea.

You can find more complete bio info in Michael’s curriculum vitae.

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